Hillside Protection

The City has experienced mild to heavy rain seasons. As the City is comprised of numerous hills and slopes, the City encourages you to be vigilant in preparing for these seasons and safeguarding your home and business - especially properties with hillsides.

The following information is provided by the Public Works and Fire Departments as a guide to protect your home or business during these seasons. It is not professional advice and if you have concerns, you should seek a professional soils, environmental, or geo-technical engineer.  View a directory compiled from the Yellow Pages and Internet (PDF). This is not a referral list and is provided for easy directory access.

Do all you can to protect your home and property from hillside erosion - don't wait. Questions or for more information, visit the Monterey Park Public Works Department website (PDF). or to get a list of appropriate vegetation to plant, review the Los Angeles County approved plant list (PDF).

Before the Rains Arrive

  • Become familiar with your surroundings.  Make sure you have possible evacuation routes throughout your home and/or business in advance of the rainy seasons.
  • Inspect all around your property to make sure there are no obstacles that could create a build-up of water and go into your home.
  • Watch the patterns of water drainage on slopes near your home.  Especially note the places where runoff water converges, increasing flow over your hillsides. Make sure these areas are clear of dirt and debris that would obstruct the flow of the water drainage..
  • Watch the hillsides around your home for any signs of land movement, such as small mudslides or debris flows or trees that may begin to tilt and respond accordingly.
  • During periods of sunshine, if possible, leave already soaked hillside areas uncovered for the purpose of letting the hills dry out.
  • Facilitate any runoff by channeling water away from structures and slopes. In addition, make sure your slope drains are cleaned and clear of debris that would obstruct water flow.
  • Use sandbags and plastic to help prevent flooding or channeling water away from structures.
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  • Work with your uphill and downhill neighbors as much as possible.  Take an active role in where water runoff is directed.  
  • Don't try to landscape in the fall, right before the rainy season.  A quick fix to protect your property may be the use of plastic to help divert water to the drains and prevent hillside erosion.
  • While checking your slope, look for surface erosion, soil that has washed away in vertical gullies that might be getting deeper.  You might need to plant.additional vegetation on hillsides with surface problems to prevent erosion. Gullies that are a foot or more across should be looked at by an engineer.
  • Homeowners with hillsides composed of heavy soil such as clay should check their slope for cracks or fissures.  These cracks continue to fill with water and get deeper with each rainy season.  Horizontal cracks that are an inch wide and 10 to 15 feet long should be looked at by an engineer.

During heavy storm season, Monterey Park residents (must show ID for proof of residency) may get up to 20 sandbags and one roll of plastic at the City Yard, located at 751 S. Alhambra Avenue; 626-307-1281. Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The first roll of sheeting will be free and is only available to hillside residents and any additional rolls are $110.