Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

About the CIP

What is the CIP Program?

The CIP is the long term plan for all individual capital improvement projects and their funding sources. CIP projects are unique construction projects that are designed to provide improvements or additions to various parts of the City. 

Why are CIP projects important? 

CIP projects help to enhance the overall quality of life for both residents and visitors by improving the physical structure, systems, and facilities that provide various services to the community. The CIP projects are a multi-year forecast of the City's infrastructure needs and which areas of the City would benefit from the implementation of the project. Monterey Park groups CIP projects into three categories:

  • Street Construction Projects
  • Community Improvement Capital Projects
  • Enterprise Capital Projects

Who manages the CIP Projects?

Within the City, the Public Works Department is responsible for implementing the CIP and managing the various CIP projects. Public Works staff executes all phases of a CIP project including design, engineering, construction, and project close-out. 

CIP Projects

The City's adopted budget includes detailed information about approved CIP projects, including the proposed scope of work, project location, and timeline. The Engineering Division has also developed an interactive ArcGIS Map for the City's CIP projects. To view all of the CIP projects, see the map below and for instructions on how to use the map click here

FY23-24 Capital Improvement Plan

To view a map of all current CIP projects in a separate window, please click here