Our City, Our Plan

Promoting Economic Prosperity and Building a Brighter Tomorrow Together!

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Our City, Our Plan was developed to ensure consistency between the General Plan and Zoning Code Updates. Key tasks include: 

  • Developing New Zoning Standards for Mixed-Use Land Use Designation
  • Amending multifamily residential zoning to increase density and height limit
  • Re-zoning certain properties to new Mixed-Use Zone

Additionally, this initiative includes updates regarding state mandates and general code clean-up. 

Thank You To All Workshop Attendees! 

The Monterey Park Planning Division hosted an Our City, Our Plan workshop on September 11, 2023 at Bruggemeyer Library. Thank you to all community members who participated and provided insight on this plan! 

If you were unable to attend, the video recording of the workshop is available below. Please direct all questions and comments to planningpermitcounter@montereypark.ca.gov

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Upcoming Public Hearings related to Our City, Our Plan

Contact Us: 

For inquiries, please contact Community Development Department, Planning Division at (626) 307-1315 or planningpermitcounter@montereypark.ca.gov.