Additional Sources of Information for Business

View this list of additional sources of information to aid you in obtaining the necessary inspections, permits, required identification numbers, etc. for county, state and federal licenses, certifications, and tax information.

  • General Business Information
    Phone: 626-307-1458
  • Internal Revenue Service: Public Service Info
    Phone: 800-242-4585
  • Alcoholic Beverage Control (Liquor License)
    Phone: 626-927-1060
  • State Board of Equalization (Resale Number, Sales Tax)
    Phone: 626-480-7200
  • Department of Consumer Affairs / Contractors State Licensing Board (Contractor's License)
    Phone: 800-321-2752
  • Employment Development Department (EDD, Job Service, and Unemployment Insurance, Employment Tax Distribution Office (New businesses: ID Nos., DE Forms, W-2 blank forms, employer's withholding Guide)
    Phone: 626-575-7571
  • L.A. County Health Department (Health Inspections)
    Phone: 626-813-3346 
  • Internal Revenue Service (Federal Taxes)
    Phone: 626-572-7981
  • Public Utilities Commission (Transportation)
    Phone: 626-572-6727
  • Secretary of State (New corporations)
    Phone: 213-897-3062
  • Los Angeles County Clerk (Fictitious business name)
    Phone: 562-462-2177
  • State Department of Social Services
    Phone: 323-981-3350

Specialized Qualifications

If you have a certain area of expertise or a specific profession qualification, it would be advisable to contact the Department of Consumer Affairs (this telephone number is listed under the state government offices in the front section of a telephone book) regarding any additional documents, certificates, licenses or forms your particular professional board or regulatory agency may require.

Additional Notes

Closing out your business is just as important as opening a business. Please make sure you notify the Business Licensing Division of any changes in your business license status, such as change in location, change in ownership, name changes, and the closing of your business.