Disaster Preparedness

Don't Be Scared, Be Prepared

A universal message, the need to be prepared in the event of a major disaster is critical. Major disasters mean multiple crises causing emergency response personnel, public safety personnel, other city employees, and disaster relief organizations to be handling multiple emergencies throughout the community.

To help prepare your home, review our Disaster Safety Kit for the Home. This page identifies what you need to have to be self-sufficient for at least seven days. You will also information for resource establishments that may have the products available for purchase to keep in your kit.

Emergency Preparedness for Businesses

Please view our presentation (PDF) for more information.

Important Message on Earthquake Safety

Information purporting the Triangle of Life or any other means of earthquake survival other than Duck, Cover, and Hold are not proven methods of any standing according to the Office of Emergency Services. Please note that in the State of California the Duck, Cover, and Hold earthquake survival procedures stand.

Additional resources and programs available: