Special Weapons and Tactics Team



The Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) was originally established in 1999 as the Special Response Team (SRT) with one of the original members, Scott Wiese, who is now the MPPD Chief.  The team receives specialized training through LASD, Riverside, San Bernardino and Golden West Academies.  Additional trainings include symposiums, SWAT K-9 interaction, counterterrorism, and advanced courses in southern and central California, New Mexico, and Las Vegas respectively.


The SWAT team is a part time unit comprised of highly trained operators who also have collateral duties in patrol, detectives, and other specialized assignments.  SWAT operators are on call 24 hours a day.  The unit is dedicated to safely ending critical incidents by utilizing special tactics, tools, and weapons.  Examples of our operations include:

MPPD SWAT Round Patch

  • Barricaded suspect
  • Search and arrest warrants
  • High-risk building and area searches
  • K-9 searches
  • High-risk prisoner transportation
  • Counter-sniper operations
  • Vehicle interdiction



The MPPD SWAT team primarily conducts operations related to our city however we also supplement other outside agencies at their request.  The SWAT team has conducted joint operations with local, state, and federal agencies including US Marshals, Secret Service, and FBI.

SWAT Equipment


The SWAT team utilizes unique tools to accomplish tasks including armored vehicles, K-9s. robots, various devices, and firearms.  The SWAT team is also supplemented by the department's drone program.  Drone operators are UAS trained, and FAA licensed.  The equipment is used towards maintaining the safety of the public, operators, and suspects in an effort effectively resolve situations with minimal risk.