Engineering permits are required for any work that is to be performed in the public rights of way (outside of a parcel owner's property line) such as sidewalks, curbs, gutters, driveway aprons, and street pavement.

Sample Permits

Sample permit forms are available on line for each permit. For many of these permits, these forms can be downloaded, completed and either mailed or dropped off at the Engineering Division Counter, located on the first floor of City Hall. For other permits, you will be required to pick-up an original numbered application.

Street Moratorium

13.12.060 Excavation in recently resurfaced public streets.

    (a)    Except as otherwise allowed by this chapter, public streets that were resurfaced with an emulsified asphalt “slurry” or asphalt “cape seal” within the previous two years or improved with asphalt/concrete within the previous five years of the proposed excavation may not be excavated for utilities or for other reasons.

    (b)    A permit may be issued to allow a permittee to encroach within a public street to install utility facilities, or for other purposes, if such work can be accomplished by boring under the public street section or by other trenchless technologies. Alternative methods for such work including, without limitation, relocating utility facilities to areas other than the public street (for example, under public sidewalks and/or parkways) will be considered and determined not to be feasible before a permit may be issued pursuant to this chapter. Any additional costs for, without limitation, relocating utility facilities outside of the public street or boring under the public street must be borne by the permittee.

    (c)    Excavation of a public street may be allowed by permit under only the most unusual circumstances if the administrator determines that relocation or boring is not feasible. Under such circumstances, the administrator will require a permittee to meet the city’s construction standards for excavating in recently resurfaced streets, pay all costs associated with such excavation, and provide such additional security to ensure the integrity of the recently resurfaced public street as may be reasonably required by the administrator. (Ord. 2229 § 2, 2023)

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