Concrete Work Definition

A concrete permit is needed for activities such as cutting, removing, or reconstructing curb, curb and gutter, driveway apron, and/or sidewalk. Applicants may download the construction permit application (PDF) form and email it to Public Works Engineering Division.


Permit Fee

The permit fee is $101.00 plus inspection fee, which is $183.00 per day (minimum 2 days) for sidewalks, driveway apron, curb and gutter.

Penalty Fee

There is a $202.00 fee for work performed without a permit, plus inspection fees.

Bond Posting

  • Projects under 100 square feet: $500 cash (refundable) or $1,000 bond
  • Projects over 100 square feet: $5 per square foot (refundable) cash or surety bond (minimum bond requirement of $1,000)
  • Multiple excavations: $10,000 cash or bond


There is a minimum of $2,000,000 Liability and $500,000 Property together with Worker's Compensation. The City of Monterey Park, Its Officers, Elected and Appointed Officials, Employees and Volunteers must be named as Additional Insured's.

Other Information

Contractor must possess a State Contractor's License and City Business License. Please allow two weeks for permit processing. For questions or comments, please contact us at 626-307-1320.

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