Street Tree Service

Street Trees

The Parkway Maintenance Division maintains both the street trees and medians. This division plays a vital role in maintaining the city's attractive overall appearance. The results of this division's efforts serve to create a positive impression of the city for current and potential homeowners and business people. The division's work also helps the environment by the cooling and cleaning effect of the trees on the atmosphere.


The city has approximately 9,125 City street trees. These trees consist of 37 different species and are of various sizes, shapes and growth patterns. These trees are strategically placed along approximately 203 miles of easements and parkways, to create visually appealing neighborhoods. Trees are an excellent means for enhancement of the environment, by way of air filtration, noise absorption, aesthetics, and safety of vehicular and pedestrian movement.


Private Firm

A private firm is contracted to maintain the city's 2 1/2 acres of street medians located through 5.5 miles of city streets, 4 1/2 acres of parkways, and 9 landscaped bubbles on Garfield Avenue. A private contractor is hired to perform most of the maintenance of these trees. City staff handles all questions, request for service and emergencies.

City Staff

The city is divided up into tree trimming grids. All trees in each grid are trimmed every five years, except the major business areas. If you feel the tree in front of your property needs trimming out of the grid sequence, please call the Parks Division office at 626-307-1292.

Additional Information

The division is always encouraging the planting of new street trees, to add to our urban forest. If you would like to have a city tree planted in front of your property, please call the park superintendent and he will inspect the site. If you have any questions regarding city trees related to plan checks and final inspections, please call the Parks Division office at 626-307-1292.


It is a violation of the Monterey Park Municipal Code, # 9.63.030 ,to cut down, injure, or remove any city tree in our areas. It is also a violation of the Monterey Park Municipal Codes #'s 9.63.040 & 9.63.050, to plant any tree not designated by the Recreation & Parks Commission, in any of our parkways or easements. It is the property owners responsibility to maintain the parkway and easement areas, as it relates to weeds, cleaning of tree wells, debris, and vegetation, excluding the city trees.

If you have any questions about private trees, please call the Code Compliance Division at 626-307-1415.