Where to Eat

Ethnic Cuisine

As a result of its many ethnic food offerings, Monterey Park has become widely known and promoted as a mecca of sit-down or fast-food restaurant offerings, particularly in the culinary styles of ethnic Chinese food. Touted in magazines such as Sunset Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and a variety of other newspapers and magazines, the primary ethnic cuisine bringing people from across the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, and South Bay areas, to Monterey Park is the Chinese specialties.

Visitors may choose from a variety of cooking styles such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Singapore, and Shanghai. Most particular, are the many restaurants offering Chinese dim sum or specialties with seafood such as crab, shrimp, scallops, and clams. Visitors can also choose restaurants offering fine dining experiences or small informal or fast food establishments.

Additional Options

If you're looking for American, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Salvadorian, or Mexican fare, Monterey Park also provides a wonderful opportunity for the palate. Visitors to Lee's Tofu can treat themselves to a healthy spicy tofu (soy bean curd) soup and traditional Korean style vegetables and kim chi or japchae (noodles), traditional Salvadorian cuisine at Oasis Pupuseria, or tacos with cactus at Armando's Restaurant or simply great taquitos at Mexicatessan Restaurant.

Located right next to the Monterey Park Golf Course, visitors may choose Mexican / American cuisine at Luminarias Restaurant, which offers a wonderful luncheon buffet, or American cuisine specializing in steak, seafood, and chicken at Monterey Hill Steakhouse. Take the time to visit Monterey Park, play a round of nine holes and enjoy a fantastic salmon lunch for only $8.95 or take advantage of the buffet luncheon offered daily at Luminarias Restaurant or a variety of selections from their menu.