Economic Development

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  1. Joe Torres

    Joseph Torres

    Economic Development Manager
    Phone: 626-307-1314

Flyer Image 1 Small Business Assistant Grant

Thank you for your interest in the Restaurant Revitalization Fund program. Regardless of where you are in the application process, please review the following reminders and helpful hints about moving forward: 

What to expect next:

1.    As outlined by Congress, the SBA will focus its reviews on the priority applications that have been submitted. Applicants who have submitted a non-priority application will find their applications remain in a Review status while the priority applications are processed during the first 21 days. Applicants in this status should not anticipate any outreach from the SBA during this period.  

2.    Following successful application submission, all applications will first enter a stage called “IRS verification”. This process may take up to seven days and allows the SBA to validate your application submission. 

3.    If you have questions about the award calculation, see the program guide, pages 7–9. 

4.    The 4506T form is signed with your application during the e-sign process. You do not need to submit an additional 4506T. 

5.    If you are entering a state in the address section(s) use the abbreviation in capital letters (e.g., CA). 

6.    For application support, you may submit a message using the platform inbox on the SBA program guide website. For quick answers, this may be your best route. 

As a reminder, per federal award program guidelines that require the same and equal information be provided to each applicant, SBA’s team members are limited on responses they can provide to applicants, including specific questions regarding RRF eligibility, potential award amount, and other detailed information.

For more information, please visit the SBA Restaurant Revitalization Fund website.

Joseph Torres

Economic Development Manager

City of Monterey Park


October 14, 2020 Webinar:  Access to Business Funding During COVID-19

Thank you for attending the City of Monterey Park “Access to Business Funding During COVID-19” webinar, October 14.  We hope our virtual gathering provided you and your business with useful and practical information.

Below are the links to the presentation slides.  If you have additional questions for our panelists, please email

LA COVID Recovery Fund Business Grants

Monterey Park Small Business Assistance Programs

All the information regarding the SBA programs can be found on

For SBA Funding program specifics, please visit

Additionally, local free resource partner information including Small Business Development Centers, Women Business Centers, and other local assistance resources can be found on

We hope to see you at our next webinar.

Dine Outdoor Monterey Park

Support Monterey Park's local restaurants and eateries open for Outdoor Dining during COVID-19.

Contact locations for Outdoor Dining Hours. 

  • ABC Café 626-573-0718
  • Mariscos La Villa Tepeyac 626-572-7245
  • Alice's Kitchen 626-898-1828
  • Shau May Restaurant 626-571-2727
  • Atlantic Seafood Restaurant 626-872-0388
  • Mr. Sheng Spicy House Inc. 626-537-1046
  • Boiling Point Restaurant (S.CA) Inc.  626-288-9876
  • NBC Seafood Restaurant 626-282-2323
  • Brew Kitchen Bar 323-530-0218  
  • No. 1 Charcoal BBQ 626-281-5288
  • Brother's BBQ Club Inc. 626-500-6115
  • Noodle Harmony 626-656-6562
  • Buffalo Wild Wings #733, 818-237-9944
  • OK Cafe 626 289-7788
  • Capital Seafood 626-282-3318
  • Ravello Osteria  323-722-7600
  • DA Crunch DBA The Venice Room 323-722-3075
  • Sam Tseng BBQ Shop 626-289-4858
  • Daikokuya Monterey Park  626-570-1930
  • Seoraksan Charcoal Chinese BBQ Restaurant Inc. 626-872-0266
  • Fengwei Kebab, Inc.  626-307-7405
  • Shen Xian Hot Pot, Inc. 626-576-8028
  • Fortune No. 1 626-569-9592
  • Shina No Yoru 323-720-9093
  • Garage Kitchen Inc. 626-573-9088
  • Shinano Restaurant 626-457-8826
  • Guan Dong Da Yuan 626-545-5555
  • Sushi Sai (626) 300-8495
  • Hot Pot Hot Pot 626-282-1089
  • Szechwan 626-288-2218
  • International House of Pancakes 323-887-1111
  • Tang Gong Restaurant 626-888-5188
  • Jay’s Pizza 323-724-4324
  • Thai House 323-726-2340
  • JJ Café 626-280-3833
  • T-Kebob 626-656-6950
  • Kim Kee Noodle Café  626-307-8849
  • Tommy's Restaurant 323-721-7122
  • Kim Tar Seafood Restaurant 626-307-9139
  • Xinjiang BBQ 626-288-3988
  • King Charcoal BBQ 626-552-1471
  • Yi Kebab Bar 626-656-6162
  • Mandarin Noodle House 626-570-9795
  • Yoma Myanmar Restaurant 626-280-8655
  • Marie Callender's 626-281-9548
  • 0410 Music Barbecue Bar 626-476-5139

Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit Program to Help Increase Business  

Outdoor dining helps restaurants increase patronage while also adhering to Health Order requirements.

To assist restaurants’ transition to outdoor dining, effective immediately the City of Monterey Park is facilitating and accelerating a new Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit program, as part of the City’s Business Recovery Program, to allow expanded outdoor dining for restaurants citywide.  To help restaurants in Monterey Park get back on their feet after the Coronavirus-induced shutdown, the City has waived its fee for outdoor dining and substantially shortened the processing time for application.  Restaurants can now obtain a Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit to use public right-of-ways including, for example, sidewalks and public parking lots in as little as two to three business days.

Restaurants may also use private property, such as parking lots, for outdoor dining.  The same application for outdoor dining on sidewalks and public parking spaces applies to the use of private property.

Quick Links

For more information about the permit process/application, please contact:

Joseph Torres, Economic Development Manager
Phone: 626-307-1314

What We Do

The Economic Development Division serves several functions. In keeping with our responsibility to market the City and attract, assist, and retain businesses, we :

  • help business owners navigate the business creation process,
  • conduct outreach within the business community to identify the needs and concerns of local business owners,
  • identify and create programs to assist local businesses,
  • locate underused commercial properties and work with owners and leasing agents to help them find the right tenants,
  • market and promote the City at networking events like the International Council of Shopping Centers conference to attract high-profile tenants,
  • manage the lease and sale of City-owned properties, and
  • act as liaison to the Business Improvement District.

Who We Are

The Economic Development Division stimulates economic activity by creating and administering programs designed to support local businesses, develop quality commercial corridors, provide affordable housing, supply community services, and enhance neighborhoods.

For questions regarding business assistance or site location please contact Joseph Torres, our Economic Development Manager.

Phone: 626-307-1314

Email Joseph Torres

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Strategic Location

Three major freeways (the 10, 710, and 60) give Monterey Park excellent access to the rest of LA County. Its central location provides the foundation for tourism and commerce within the City.

City Hall is:

  • 8.5 miles from Union Station in LA
  • 25.6 miles from LAX
  • 26.2 miles from the Port of Long Beach
  • 21.5 miles from Burbank Airport

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