Boards & Commissions

Apply for a Board or Commission

Would you like to apply for a commission, committee or board vacancy? Please download, print and complete an application form (PDF) and submit it to the City Clerk's Office.

What it Means to Be a Member

To be a member of a commission, committee or board is a high honor, providing a unique opportunity for genuine public service. Although the specific duties of these commissions, committees, and boards vary with the purpose for which they were formed, they generally assist the city council by acting as an additional line of communication between the general public and the council by making recommendations, focusing attention to specific problems, encouraging broad citizen participation in formulating alternative goals, and providing in-depth analyses on matters that will be decided by the city council.


Commission, committee, and board members are appointed by individual city council members, with the exception of the Library Board of Trustees, the Personnel Board, and the Sister Cities Commission.

  • Members of the Library Board of Trustees are appointed by the city council. They are limited to two, three-year terms in office, but serve until their respective successors are appointed. A one-year waiting period is required following the expiration of the second consecutive term.
  • Members of the Personnel Board are appointed by the city council in the following manner: one member from a list of three persons nominated by the personnel of the Monterey Park Fire and Police Departments; one member from a list of three persons nominated by the remaining employees of the city; two members from the community at large; and one member from a list of three persons nominated by a majority of the four previously appointed members. A majority vote of the council shall be required.
  • Members on the Sister Cities Commission are appointed by their respective Sister City Association and may serve an unlimited term.

After selection, each commissioner, board or committee member is sworn in by the city clerk and required to sign a loyalty oath at the first available commission, board, or committee meeting.