What does it do?
Slurry Seal provides a new protective surface and smooth driving surface to an existing asphalt street. By sealing the street, the base of the road is protected from water damage and the surface is protected from weathering. This extends the service life of our roadways and cuts down on costly repairs and repaving projects caused by oxidized aged pavement surface that has lost its flexibility. Slurry seal can extend the serviceable life of a residential street up to 40 percent.

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1. What is Slurry Seal?
2. What does it do?
3. When will my street be slurried?
4. How will this affect access to my street?
5. How will this affect the mail and other services?
6. What will city crews be doing to prepare the streets for slurry seal?
7. What will city crews be doing after my street is slurried?
8. Why are small rocks collecting along the edge of my street?