Register Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance noticeTurning our vantage points into a partnership

Are you currently using video surveillance at your business or home for the security and protection of your property, family, or even your employees and customers? If so, we’d like to hear from you. The Monterey Park community now has an additional opportunity to partner with the Monterey Park Police Department - technologically - to help fight crime.

The Monterey Park Police Department encourages all residents to register their home surveillance cameras and video doorbells with the Police Department. Registering your camera will allow the Police Department to build a database of camera locations throughout the city. Registering your camera will not provide direct camera access to the Police Department, but simply alert us to the presence of the camera. Having this information will allow Officers to locate potential evidentiary video and contact the homeowner for a copy in a quick and efficient manner. We have a high success rate of identifying suspects in cases where we have video evidence. This effort will make our city safer as we leverage the excellent video quality of the popular home surveillance camera systems. 

Recognizing that police rarely can solve public safety problems alone, our philosophy of community policing encourages interactive partnerships with the City’s stakeholders. Utilizing this coactive approach (i.e. working together) through a new use of current technologies will enhance the effectiveness of your police department and create a safer environment for our community.

To become a part of this new program and register your video surveillance camera or system, simply fill out this registration form

Doing so will make you a partner in the latest crime prevention program launched by the MPPD in our continuing efforts to fight crime by enhancing community engagement.