Applicants / Recruitment

1    APPLY
The first step in applying for our department is to make sure you meet the requirements for the position you are seeking.  Those requirements can be found on the Human Resources & Risk Management - Job Description page of our website. If you do, then complete the online application.

If invited, you'll take a written test covering spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, math, map reading skills, and memory recall. If you successfully pass the written test, you'll be invited to the physical agility test. You'll need to jump a six foot solid fence and sprint 20 yards in 19.6 seconds, jump a chain link fence in 15.1 seconds, drag a 165 pound dummy in 27.9 seconds, run an obstacle course in 33.5 seconds and run 500 yards in 3 minutes and 33 seconds.  You will receive points for each event. You must earn a minimum of 384 points to pass. Times listed above are the minimum required for each event.  **Please note that earning the minimum points in each event will not qualify you to move on to the next hiring process.

These exams are waived for lateral applicants, academy trainees, and academy graduates.

If you pass the physical agility and written exam you may be invited to an oral interview. Be well-rested, look sharp, and be at the top of your game. We want to see who you are and hear what you have to say. We'll ask you a host of questions about your personal history, what your goals are, and some hypothetical questions as well.  If you are still in the running, you'll complete a lengthy personal history statement which covers your education, credit, relationships, employment and business dealings.


**Documents must be completely filled out.  Do not leave any item blank.  If an item does not apply, please mark N/A.