Emergency Medical Services

Receive your free Vial of Life emergency kit from the fire department. For more info, please contact fire administration at 626-307-1262.


The Emergency Medical Services Division provides fast and efficient emergency medical care through cross-trained firefighter/paramedics .The Fire Department's EMS Program operates two fully equipped advanced life support ambulances and two paramedic assessment engines - responding to more than 3,100 emergency medical calls each fiscal year.

Continually evaluating the EMS Program and its services, the Fire Department recently participated in a County-wide study, one of four agencies, that studied and evaluated CPR and its effectiveness. Monterey Park's paramedics were a key component in this ground-breaking study, which quantified and validated the effectiveness of pre-hospital CPR and patient survival. The Department also participated in a UCLA Center for Pre-hospital Care "Best Practices" study in which the effectiveness of current care and treatment procedures for pain management, field documentation, patient safety, and pediatric medication administration were studied.

In addition to providing emergency medical service, the following programs are available.

For ambulance billing questions, please contact our billing company, Wittman Enterprises at 855-611-0056.