Step 2

Proceed to the Building and Safety Division (next to the Planning Division counter). Staff will search the permit records and determine whether your building meets safety requirements for your proposed business operation. If it does, a certificate number will be assigned to the certificate of occupancy application. Your are now ready to go to the Business License counter.

Keys to Remember

  • If you are considering the real estate purchase of the property on which your proposed business is located, you may also need to apply for a Commercial Property Report. The Building and Safety Division staff can provide you the application and details.
  • If the building is leased out to multiple tenants, a requirement for the Building and Safety approval is to have an updated Tenant Key Plan on file. A Tenant Key Plan is a diagram that shows how the building is divided into different tenant spaces, the suite numbers, and the square footage of each tenant space. Please check with your landlord or contact the Building and Safety Division to make sure there is an up-to-date Tenant Key Plan on file (a commercial condominium building is exempt from the Tenant Key Plan requirement).
  • If your business falls in a category that requires higher safety standards than the category the building is currently approved for, an inspection of the premises will be required. If the inspection finds that the building does not meet the requirement safety standards for your business operation, you will either need to find another location, or upgrade the building to meet the required standards before you are able to proceed to Step 3 (Business License counter).

Any questions regarding the procedures involved with the Building and Safety Division, please call 626-307-1300.