Business Watch

About Business Watch

Business Watch is a no cost crime prevention program for all Monterey Park businesses. The program was inspired by the success of our Neighborhood Watch Program, and is tailored to address the needs and interests of our business community.

  • Businesses get to know each other, and work together in a program of mutual assistance to establish a business block.
  • Merchants and their employees are trained to recognize and report suspicious actives on their business block.
  • Participants learn and implement crime prevention strategies such as building and office security, employee personal safety, robbery awareness, and graffiti removal and reduction.
  • Through this program, Business owners feel prepared and aware, instead of helpless and afraid of crime.Business Watch Pic

Eight Step Business Program

The Eight Step Business Watch Educational program is listed as follows:

  1. Initial Meeting to Business Watch
  2. Burglary / Robbery Prevention
  3. Employee/Shoplifting Prevention
  4. Business Security
  5. Check Fraud/ Credit Card Fraud
  6. Employee Theft Prevention
  7. Fire Prevention
  8. Vehicle Security

For additional information, please contact the Community Engagement Bureau at 626-307-1215