About the Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch SIgn 01-08-2024In cooperation with law enforcement, Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program enlisting the active participation of residents to help reduce crime in our community. This program encourages our residents to work together in creating the most effective and basic crime prevention techniques, neighbors looking out for each other.

Neighborhood Watch groups are formed by blocks; a captain is elected by a neighborhood group to represent his / her block. Meetings are scheduled with a Monterey Park Police representative where an eight step program begins. Neighborhood watch signs are placed on their block upon completion. Subsequent Neighborhood Watch meeting topics can cover a wide range of safety related issues, from child safety to identity theft and more.

Eight Step Program

The Eight Step Program is listed as followed in cooperation with law enforcement agencies:

  1. Initial Meeting: A welcoming to neighbors and explanation of Neighborhood Watch.
  2. Home Security: Learning how to improve home security for the purpose of reducing home burglaries.
  3. Robbery: Learning ways to avoid becoming a victim of a robbery or personal assault.
  4. Gangs / Graffiti: Learning to identify gang members, recognizing the warning signs of drug use, and reducing and/or eliminating graffiti.
  5. Vehicle Security: Learning to safeguard your vehicle from theft and vandalism.
  6. Earthquake Preparedness: Learning the safety procedures in the event of an earthquake.
  7. Fire Prevention: Learning to safeguard your home against a fire.
  8. Identity Theft: Learning to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Home Security Inspections

At no cost, the Monterey Park Police Department offers home security inspections to residents of the city. Crime prevention and safety tips are presented to residents to prevent any criminal activity. To schedule a residential inspection please contact the Community Engagement Bureau.

Vacation House Checks

Vacation House Checks are offered by the Monterey Park Police Department to the residents of Monterey Park at no cost. Before leaving on vacation, residents may fill out a form (PDF) requesting to have their home periodically checked while they are on vacation. Monterey Park Police Department Citizen Patrol members will check all Vacation House Check requests to help enhance the security of the home while the resident is away. Abandoned homes and occupied houses are not eligible for this service. **This program does not create a special duty upon the City of Monterey Park or the Monterey Park Police Department to guard your property against loss or theft. There is no guarantee against loss, theft or damage to any premises that are serviced.**

Vacation House Check form must be submitted at the Police Department front counter with a valid California DL/ID.

For additional information, please contact the Community Engagement Bureau at 626-307-1215.