Used Tire Recycling

Waste Tires Recycled for Road Surfaces

Did you know the majority of California highways and streets are made from recycled used tires? Since the late 1970s, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has been utilizing rubberized asphalt-concrete (RAC) for its street resurfacing projects. The process of creating RAC is no different from traditional asphalt where approximately 20% of crumb rubber is mixed into a hot blend of standard asphalt concrete (AC). Introducing the rubber additive to the mix creates a reduced amount of AC needed for production.

Benefits of Recycled Rubber

There are many benefits for utilizing RAC in our street resurfacing projects. One reason is instead of tires being disposed of in landfills or being a potential fire hazard, there rubber element is melted down and reused as road surface. In comparison, research has shown that RAC is cost effective in its durability and production. Its interior composition has been proven to provide better traction and visibility in wet weather and reduces road noise up to 85% less when compared to traditional Portland concrete cement or AC surfaces. In addition, on average a single road lane utilizes approximately 2,000 used tires with a two inch overlay cap.

Monterey Park Gets Involved

The City of Monterey Park is a recipient of the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) Rubberized Pavement Grant Program. For 2012, 19,479 used tires were diverted from California landfills through the repaving of the streets with recycled tire product. The CIWMB's slogan is "Zero Waste - You Make It Happen!"

Tire Amnesty Collections

Tire amnesty is a program designed to collect used tires from residents as a method to insure proper disposal. The danger associated with used tires around the household is the fire hazard they pose and the habitat they can generate for mosquitoes by static pools of water. In order to avoid penalties or fines, the County of Los Angeles provides amnesty collection events periodically throughout the year for residents. A resident may bring up to nine tires per trip without acquiring a transportation permit.

For more information on the tire amnesty program, please visit the county's website or call 888-253-2652 for more information.