The Water Utility Division is responsible for the production and distribution of the city's water supply and the maintenance of all water system facilities. The city's water system supplies water to over 95% of Monterey Park's residents and businesses. Private water companies service the remaining portions of the city. The quality of the water in the city's system is tightly regulated by federal, state, and county agencies.

Centralized Groundwater Treatment System

The City of Monterey Park is upgrading the treatment facility at its Delta facility in the City of Rosemead. The new system will include advanced technology equipment to remove contaminants from the groundwater. For more information visit the CGTS webpage.


The Water Division collects and tests over 250 water samples per month to make sure that the city's water is always in compliance with state and federal water quality standards. In addition to testing, ongoing operation and maintenance activities to insure a safe and continual supply of water to the community include:

  • Treatment activities
  • Water flow / pumping projections
  • Meter readings
  • Meter replacements and upgrades
  • New service installations
  • Main flushing
  • Valve exercising and maintenance
  • Emergency repairs

City Water System

The water system is made up of:

  • 5 treatment facilities
  • 11 pumping stations
  • 12 deep wells located near the Rio Hondo River
  • 14 storage reservoirs
  • 134 miles of water main
  • 1,000 fire hydrants
  • 13,400 water meters