Downtown Monterey Park

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About Downtown

Downtown Monterey Park includes almost 400 local businesses around the Garvey/Garfield corridor, including art boutiques, tea houses and cafés, ethnic markets and antique shops, a music store, and restaurants serving authentic Thai, Mexican, and Chinese cuisine. Every year, Downtown hosts the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival along Garvey between Ramona and Alhambra Avenues. Downtown is very walkable, and has many bike racks for cyclists. Click to see the map (PDF) of Downtown.

Current Development

Major projects in Downtown Monterey Park include the Monterey Park Towne Centre mixed-use development, which will be located at the southeast corner of Garfield and Garvey, with two levels of subterranean parking and access to public transit.


Downtown Monterey Park has been doing business for almost one hundred years. Laura Scudder, who was the first person to commercialize the now-ubiquitous potato chip, started what would become a multi-million potato chip business in Downtown Monterey Park in the 1920s, in a brick building at the corner of Atlantic and Garvey. James Edwards, the founder of the popular Edwards Theatres chain in Southern California which today owns approximately 90 theaters and 725 screens, bought his first cinema in Downtown Monterey Park in 1930, just north of Garfield and Emerson. Today almost 400 local businesses call Downtown Monterey Park their home.