Why does MPPD use UAS rather than helicopters?

Helicopters and other manned aircraft (air support) are very expensive to operate. Currently, MPPD relies on the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department for air support. UAS can be used in a variety of ways that supplement mutual aid air support requests in a cost-effective and efficient manner, like the UAS aerial intelligence-led emergency response.

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1. What is a drone or UAS?
2. Where is the video and photos taken by the UAS stored?
3. Who has access to the video and photos?
4. How is my privacy protected?
5. Can foreign countries gain access to MPPD’s drone data or information through a drone’s built-in software?
6. What training do UAS pilots undergo?
7. What rules and regulations must MPPD’s UAS pilots follow?
8. Why does MPPD use UAS rather than helicopters?
9. When does the Monterey Park Police Department use UAS (drones)?
10. For more FAQs related to UAS, please visit the Federal Aviation Administration’s FAQ page.
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