Citizenship Preparation

Citizenship Preparation ClassSaturday10:00 – 11:30 amOnline and in person
1-1 Citizenship CoachingAny timeAny dayOnline and in person

Attend Citizenship Preparation Classes at the Library

Citizenship Classes and Coaching help students get ready for the Citizenship Interview. Students study the 100 Questions, U.S. History and Government and how to fill out the N-400 application form. Students learn by speaking, reading and writing the information needed to meet required Basic English skills.

Enrolled students with at least 12 hours of classroom attendance have priority for 1-1 interview coaching.

Classes meet once a week and will help you:

  • Improve your English.
  • Study all topics of the naturalization civics test.
  • Practice for the interview

For more information, please call (626) 307-1251.Citizenship Resources

General Information

Application Resources

Test Preparation Resources (self-study) 

Find U.S. Citizenship materials at our Library