Staff & Duties

Under the direction of the Battalion Chief, the Arson Task Force Unit is composed of three full-time arson investigators, working in conjunction with the Monterey Park Police Department, along with a cadre of suppression personnel acting as shift investigators. All fires of suspicious origin in the city are investigated and all suspects are prosecuted.

One of the department's priorities is to actively pursue and prosecute arsonists. Shift fire investigators are called to the scene when a fire's cause is found to be suspicious, when there are serious injury or death and when fire has caused significant financial loss.

What Is An Investigation

An investigation is conducted to determine the origin, cause, and other factors that may have contributed to the ignition and growth of a fire. Fire investigators conduct a fire investigation to compile data and analyze the information related to fires and explosions. Investigation data is used to:

  • reduce loss of life and property
  • determine if a fire was intentionally set
  • provide a basis of fact for after-fire legal processes
  • identify trends
  • develop public education programs
  • develop codes and standards
  • prosecute offenders of arson fires