Building Signage

Sign Code

The city's Sign Code, as contained in Chapter 21.24 of the Monterey Park Municipal Code, serves to promote the orderly display of signs which are necessary for the identification of locations and businesses, and to provide minimum standards in order to safeguard life, health, property and public welfare by regulating and controlling the design, quality of materials, construction, illumination, location and maintenance of signs and sign structures.

Obtaining Signs

The process should begin with a planner to discuss the requirements for the sign(s) and the application procedures. The planner will discuss requirements related to the type of sign, placement, size and materials. Generally, all new signs and sign face changes will need to be submitted to the Design Review Board for evaluation.

This process can be bypassed if the commercial center in which the business is located has an approved master sign program. Otherwise, an application for Design Review must be completed, which must be accompanied by plans, material samples and a nominal filing fee, as set forth by City Council Resolution.


Upon approval of the Design Review Board, a 15 day appeal period follows, and upon completion of the period, a building permit can then be applied for with the city.