Final Sign-off of Permits

Final Sign-off Information

Though the Building and Safety Division administers the permit process and conducts most inspections during construction, there are other Divisions whose clearances are required before a permit can be signed off.

In addition to those divisions that stamped the plans, clearance from the Licensing Division is required for all but single-trade permits. A re-re-roof permit, or a permit to replace an existing air-conditioning unit, is a single-trade permit. A house addition or kitchen remodel, for example, would involve multiple trades.

Divisions / Departments

Your Building Inspector can advise you on which divisions you would need to contact for the final sign-off. A rule of thumb about what divisions to contact is that those divisions that stamped the plans will need to clear the construction for its permit sign-off.

Departments / DivisionsPhone Number
Fire Prevention626-307-1308
Parks & Recreation626-307-1292

Please check with each Division about their requirements and make sure that the project is ready for the inspection. For Licensing Division clearance, please submit a Declarations of Contractor's List. Forms for the declarations are available online and at the Building and Safety counter.