Meeting Rooms

Friends Room

Please refer to the Meeting Rooms Policy for additional information about reserving Library meeting rooms.

Study Rooms

There are four Study Rooms on the main floor of the library with one table and up to six chairs which are available for booking if they are not being used for library programs. These rooms are available under the following guidelines:

  • On a first-come, first-served basis at the Reference Desk for that day only.
  • No phone reservations.
  • Anyone thirteen years of age or older can book the room.
  • If there are children younger than twelve years of age in the room, there must be an adult (older than age 18) with the children at all times.
  • Patrons entering a Study Room will be required to have a library card in good standing.
  • If the patron(s) vacates the room, the room will be considered available for others to use.
  • A room can be booked for one hour per day per group unless otherwise permitted by the librarian on duty or no one is waiting to use the Study Rooms.
  • If additional maintenance or damage repair is required, the group or individual will be billed at a minimum of $100 or the cost to clean or repair the room whichever is greater.
  • The Study Rooms must be vacated by 10 minutes before closing.

Meeting Rooms Available for Advance Booking

All meetings are to be open to the public and participants cannot be charged a fee to attend.

Library activities and programs have first preference on the use of the library’s meeting rooms. The library’s meeting rooms are available for public use of a civic, cultural or educational character. The facilities are not available for commercial purposes except by the Library Foundation and the Friends of the Library. Meeting rooms are available only during library hours.

Permission is subject to approval of the City Librarian or designated representative, who reserves the right to cancel any scheduled meetings.

Availability may be checked by calling the Reference Desk at (626) 307-1368 to reserve the Friends Room, but reservations are not confirmed until the application has been received and approved in writing. The meeting room application must be signed at least one week prior to the meeting or the reservation will be subject to cancellation.
 An organization or individual is required to provide a security hold of $300 once an application to reserve a meeting room is approved. Liability insurance is required. User groups that are able may provide their own insurance coverage. A certificate naming the City of Monterey Park as additionally insured and an endorsement letter is required. The minimum coverage is $2,000,000 combined single limit ($1,000,000 combined single limit for events considered low hazard).

Friends Room

The Friends Room is 1,600 square feet and seats a maximum of 100 people and is on the second floor with inside stair and elevator access. There are approximately 100 chairs and 16 tables available. A write on/wipe off white board is available along with a large projection screen. The adjacent kitchenette is not available for use by the public. Refreshments and/or catered meals may be served. Restrooms are adjacent to the Friends Room. Booking of this room is via the Reference Desk at 626-307-1368.

Meeting Room Application (PDF)

Meeting Rooms Policy