Sheltered Picnic Facilities Conditions of Use

Parks with Sheltered Picnic Facilities

For additional  park information contact the Recreation and Parks Department.

Conditions for Use of Facilities

  • Enforcement of all Rules and Regulations, Ordinances and Laws in effect by the City of Monterey Park (Ordinance Numbers: 12.04.010, 12.06.010, 12.06.020, 12.06.030, 12.06.040)
  • Every group using the facilities shall leave the same in good condition or pay the cost of cleaning and repairing the same. Do not use staples when decorating.
  • Permittee must make all physical setups and complete clean up within the time specified on the permit. Cleaning supplies such as: mops, brooms, etc. must be provided by the users of the facilities.
  • Any debris left from serving of refreshments or other activity must be emptied in containers outside of the building or removed from the premises. All decorations must be removed and discarded.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all parks. (12.04.100)
  • Vehicles, skateboards, skates, bikes, and motorized scooters are not allowed on the park premises (12.04.130 and 12.04.140)
  • Moon bounce, jumper or bouncers, dunk tanks, animal’s rides or automated rides are not allowed at parks.
  • No livestock allowed at parks. (12.04.020)
  • All property of permit groups must be removed from premises at the conclusion of each event.
  • Permittee agrees to reimburse the City of Monterey Park for any loss or damage to the city property occasioned by such use.
  • Any falsification of information may result in the loss of permit and/or deposit.
  • It is prohibited to bring or set off any firearms, firecrackers or other fireworks in any park or recreation center. (12.04.030)
  • It is prohibited to bring or to make campfires in any other places than areas provided by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • It is prohibited to camp or lodge for any period of time without prior permission from the Recreation Director and Park Maintenance Supervisor.
  • It is prohibited to sell or offer for sale any goods, merchandise or article of any kind. (12.04.110)
  • It is prohibited to practice, conduct or solicit for trade, occupation, business or profession whatsoever. (12.04.120)